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Let's Chat!

Vineyard Chats is a blog created by the owner of Vineyard Farms and Vineyard Real Estate Group. Here, you will find product reviews for local and international items, and ways to give in your community and across the globe!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Hi Everyone!
I'm baaaaaaack!
For those of you who have followed closely and entered every Christmas giveaway thus far (THANK YOU!), you've probably noticed that I haven't posted any in the last few days! We had LOTS of guests for Thanksgiving, and I simply ran out of hours in the day! SO... in the giving spirit of the season, I am listing the rest of my giveaways below. You should not leave a comment here, but after the giveaways when the show up! Today I will be posting three, and the at least one, but probably more, each day until all the giveaways have been completed! The Zhu Zhu Pets giveaway will be the last one I host in my "30 Best Gifts for Christmas" push! I will still have regular giveaways after that of course, but it is the grand finale in my 30 days of giveaways series.
The awesome giveaways that are coming in this next week are:

Isalean Meal Drinks
Astronomy Exploration Kit
Roku Player
Nalgene Bottles (multiple winners!)
Sundial Educational Jewelry
Math Games
Uber Toys
Hobo Bag
Zevro Cereal Dispensers (multiple winners)
Joey Jr Purse Organizer
Soda Stream Soda Station
Zhu Zhu Pets!

Stay close to your computer!!!