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Friday, October 31, 2008


Trick or Treat!
We had a great time carving our pumpkins and getting candy!
Here is Ashi and her Daddy , posing beside on of our pumpkins...Avery smiles with her smiley pumpkin!Me and my girls!
Avery was experimenting with the costumes... She was a pirate princess for a few minutes!!

And here is the whole gang!

Captain Jack Sparrow (Alex)
A lady pirate (Courtney)
Snow White (Avery)

And Tinkerbell (Ashlyn Belle)

Avery before trick-or-treating!

Ashi had to take some breaks- it was a lot of walking for little legs!

They came home with a lot of loot! Courtney lost her trick-or-treat bag along the way, but they still racked up!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Corn Maze!

We had a GREAT family time at the Uncle Shuck's Corn Maze!!! It was a GORGEOUS day to be outside!We went on the hayride!I love the naturescape!
Ashlyn Belle sat on a pumpkin to try to reserve it!

My CourtneyShe LOVED the pumpkins!
MMmmmmmm.... Sitting in a pumpkin patch, eating a cookie. Life IS good!

Then we navigated the maze! I'd still be in there if it weren't for my GPSes... Dan and Alex!

They give you a map of the trail, and you punch your card at each "station" you come to.

Gorgeous flowers in the corn!
Alex got caught!
Avery got to ride a pony! She was THRILLED.

There was a Republican and a Democrat side... guess which one we went on????? I wouldn't be seen on the DONKEY side! :)

Around the house...

These are some fun pictures I took recently around the house!!

Happy Birthday Courtney!!!!

Courtney had a WONDERFUL 8th birthday! We celebrated quietly at home with eachother. She will have her birthday celebration with friends this coming weekend!
She wanted a "horse" birthday cookie! Unfortunately, I took a picture after everyone had broken into it!
She blew the candles out on her half-eaten cookie!

Happy birthday, sweet girl!!! We love you!