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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Thanks Grandpa Dave and Grandma Sue!

Today, a huge package came in the mail from Grandpa Dave and Grandma Sue, and it was Christmas presents for all the kids. Since we are planning to leave for TN tomorrow night, I let them go ahead and open them. It was like a big party at our house! They always know exactly what all the kids love...

Ashlyn Belle got a little dog that talks on command... She was amazed!

Avery got Cinderella dress up clothes... Her favorite!!!

Courtney got a scrapbooking kit, which is just WEIRD because we had just hauled all of my scrapbooking stuff up to my office so we can start using it again!! It has been in storage, and I was tired of not getting to use it. Courtney is SUCH an artist, she has really enjoyed playing with all of it, and I contemplated getting her a set of her own for Christmas!

Alex got another book in his "Dragonology" collection, which he finds fascinating... obviously! He began reading it immediately!

Avery imediately put the clothes on and ran around singing... "wash the dishes, do the laundry... Cinderelli... POOR CINDERELLI!"

And, true to tradition, the kids enjoyed the packing peanuts and boxes almost as much as the gifts!

For the life of me, I have no idea how all 4 of them fit in this box (although Court looks exhausted... maybe she stuffed everyone in!)! Thanks for the great gifts, Grandpa Dave and Grandma Sue!!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

We've Been Elfed!!!

Check out the Vaagen kids as ELVES!!!!
Merry Christmas!!

Granddad's 1965 Pontiac LeMans

Thanksgiving Day
We're Thankful!!!
On Thanksgiving Day, we did a lot of celebrating! We met with a lot of members of our family (on both sides!) in my neighborhood clubhouse, and had a HUGE Thanksgiving lunch! It is always a blast catching up with everyone!

I didn't take many pictures of the meal or the family, because I was chasing the baby around... but I will post other people's pictures later!

One thing I DID take pictures of was when my wonderful Mom and Dad brought Dan a BIG PRESENT.

My Granddad was always one of my favorite people! He bought a 1965 Pontiac LeMans off the showroom floor in 1965, and was the only owner. We still have the original title! When he passed away in 1995, the car was left outside, and experienced some damage and rust. My Father rescued the car, and began restoring it over time. Mom and dad have spent years (literally) revamping this car!

On Thanksgiving day, they brought this car to Dan (who has tinkered with and restored cars since he was in Airborne), and completely surprised us!!! We had no idea it was coming! The look on Dan's face was PRICELESS!!!

Thanks, Mom and Dad!!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Trick or Treating!


We had a great time on halloween, getting the kids all dressed up while MeMe was visiting! Here's my little bee getting a hug from Daddy!

I get by with a little help from my MeMe!

Cheeeeeeeeeese!!! This sweet little butterfly did a LOT of fluttering on this night!!!

Cowgirl up! Courtney is ready for some serious candy this year! Aunt Liz, recognize the hat??
What a pretty cowgirl!!!!!

My little Airborne Ranger. This kid is HUGE! He used his Dad's clothes and equipment from the Army. Dan's shoes actually almost fit him!!!
Off we go!
Ashi the bee and Rylee (neighbor's baby) the frog!
Avery the butterfly joins in the fun!
Look at these two little princesses!

A few thugs to round out the night...

Don't forget about the little mermaid!!!

Move over Johnny Depp!

These are some of our neighbors.

A Russian princess! Her mother is from Russia. Isn't she sweet?

I was quickly corrected when I called this little girl a butterfly. She's a fairy!

Cookie, cookie, cookie starts with C!

Courtney enjoying her "meal." Looks like the main course is candy corn!!!

Candy is an important part of the night!!

Brynne the bride! Isn't she sweet???

Kinser the Cop!

Here is Avery and her buddy Kate (I mean, Dorothy!)

Courtney and some of her good buddies!

Alex with another camo-kid down the street. This little girl was in school with him last year.

... And here's the WHOLE clan. I think Alex and his friends might have missed out on this picture.

Our nieghbor was nice enough to trick or treat with Avery! Avery ate it up!

Hillcrest Apple Orchards!!

We recently took a few families from the homeschool group to Hillcrest Apple Orchards in Ellijay, GA!

We had a great time and the kids got to experience some really cool things!

They learned SO much, and the weather was perfect!

We bought 4 apple ciders in tiny little apple cups, and Ashlyn Belle took mine! Here she is drinking it all up!The kids were going to be milking Daisy the Cow, so they first needed to practice on this pretend one!
Courtney was originally on the other side, and when I went to practice, she squirted the water in my face!
Avi gave it a try...
Here we are in the "time warp." We got to see what farm life was like many years ago! This was a school house that doubled as a church!

This is the talking bull. He told us all kinds of facts about farm animals and the orchard.
Here is a diagram of a cow that I felt the need to take a picture of!

We rode on the covered wagon to the petting zoo and play ground! The woods along the way were decorated like the Wizard of Oz!

This is the "Man Eating Catfish." I suppose it would look a little more realistic if we were not in a draught! The water level was so low, it looked like a giant flying fish!!!

The kids were all getting ready to enter the petting zoo. Alex is in a state of panic, because he saw that one of their chickens had escaped the fence. Apparently, that particular chicken makes frequent rendezvous.

Of all the rare little farm animals be seen, Avery runs straight for the puppy.

Here we are being attacked by goats. One kept trying to eat Ashlyn Belle's shoes, and she thought it was hilarious.

Pot bellied pigs! Look how cute they are!!! I can't figure out why my husband doesn't want one for a pet...

There were directions specifically not to chase the farm animals. That's why, in this picture, Avery is chasing the farm animals. By the way, when they gave those directions, Courtney burst out laughing, and everyone just kind of looked blankly at her. Later, she told me she thought they had said, "Please do not taste the farm animals."

HAHA, no wonder she was laughing!!!

AWWW! Look at the poor little emaciated baby cow!! I need to take him with us on a few trips through Chic-fil-A.OK, this is prodigy goat. He uses the pulley to get to a can that's hanging at the bottom, full of treats. He was amazing!And here he is receiving his reward!There was an incubator with baby chicks, some hatched, and some getting ready to hatch! The kids were so excited when they got to hold the fuzzy little things.I'm glad this picture turned out so cute. I was actually terrified Avery would "love" it a little too much. The only chick Alex will be holding for a long time!!!! haDo you see the little babies trying to break their way out? HOW CUTE!!!First, notice the sign that says, "slide at your own risk!" Then, notice who is the first to go down... Yep, that's my 3 year old, Avery.And here she is running back up the hill for another go!Ashi was playing peek-a-boo with Courtney over a tire wall.Courtney waits in line for the zip line. Everybody watch out!!Avery got a turn at milking the REAL Daisy!Courtney takes a turn...Alex takes a turn...And me and Ashi take a turn... ew. I did not like it. Those things feel like dried up leather!

BLAH.Notice the sign that says, "Please don't touch cow's head." Well, Avery can't read yet. We found out that touching Daisy's head makes her moo REALLY loud and continuously. Here she is mooing. Avery was jumping back, and shortly thereafter, Ashlyn started bawling!