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Monday, June 30, 2008

Sweet Pictures

It has been FOREVER since I have blogged!!! For some reason, it was so much easier during our homeschool "school year" that it is in the summer. I suppose because we aren't really doing the year-long learning, as I had planned. I used to do a lot of blogging during my breaks when the kids were doing their independant work.
Anyway, here are some super fun pictures I took recently.
Ashi was wearing glasses we made her out of "stix" at Ted's Montana Grill. I love these things. Why don't more restaurants give our sensory toys instead of menus with crayons???
Courtney, my artist, was the original inventor of the glasses... Here are hers!There's nothing quite like baby cheeks.
Daddy and Ashi were all snuggled up watching the rain. I love this picture.