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Monday, June 30, 2008

Revisiting Stone Mountain

Dan surprised us with an overnight visit to one of our favorite family hang-outs, Stone Mountain! Here are some of my favorite pictures!
(There are a lot of them... get comfy!)

This is a view of the mountain from the sky hike!

Here's my clan, veggin' on the mountainside!

Courtney sprinting across the rocks- she never stops moving!
Alex mid-hike
Daddy poses with the kids
He's getting wayyyyy to big!
Alex and Courtney are always scavenging for a treasure in nature!
Two peas in a pod...Especially when there is a way to get wet or dirty!!!Hang timeThe man
Like I said, Courtney never stops moving!!!

Ashi loves to be with Daddy.When we came back down from the mountain, we took a train ride around it!

Here are the kids in the village, walking through the historical plantation

I loved the way the roots to this tree were "bubbling over" the brick underneath!
Avery loves the petting zoo in the plantation!
Dan took a picture of me with the kids, so they would remember that I was actually there... I'm usually behind the camera! I love how Ashi, Avery and Courtney are always picking me flowers! Here is Ashi asking me if I want one she picked. Check out her little toes!!!So... this is an old schoolhouse. Courtney immediately ran to the desk to act like the teacher. Is this her idea of what I look like when I am teaching them!?!?!?!?!? Great.
I love, love, love this picture. They were all playing in the backyard of an old cottage, and this gate was just the most adorable thing ever. I had to take a picture here. Wow, this is heavy.
Here is the plantation. Beautiful, huh??

The kids were touring one of the old homes
Avery had to stop for a little rocking break

We waited for theatre guild to put on their version of a Shakespeare play, but I think we had the time wrong...

So Ashi decided she would put on the play herself!
Here we are in the candy store. The kids were on sensory overload in here. They were like... kids in a candy store!
We went to another play where the kids get to put on their own circus! They picked Avery to be a butterfly princess! There she is in the front, doing her pirouette.
Ashi missed out on a lot of these pictures, because she is always in her stroller! This is one of my favorite old trees on Stone Mountain. I always take pictures of the kids on it. As we were walking away, I saw a sign that said, "Do not sit on the tree."

Later, we took the riverboat around the lake!

Here we go...
These are the organ pipes that can be heard all over the park. It was Sunday, and they were playing the old church hymns. It's SO pretty.

Ashi enjoyed the rocking motion of the boat!This is the view of Stone Mountain from the lake. What a pretty place!