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Monday, June 30, 2008

Family Reunion!!!!

WOW. This past weekend was more fun I have had in a LONG time!!
We met my Mom and Dad, along with my sister Amy, her husband Richard (a.k.a. Pudge), and my beautiful neice Emma at my Dad's latest and greatest toy- some hunting and fishing acreage near Nashville, TN! I haven't seen Amy in 2 YEARS!!!!! I have missed her intensely, and it was just such a joy to see all of them. Pudge is awesome, and Emma is precious!

We spent much of the day at the farm of these wonderful people near Dickson, TN.

This is their home. Look at all those hummingbirds flying around the feeders! I haven't even attracted one this year!

My kids were on stimulation overload- it was an amazing place! Ashi rides on Mimi's hip.

This home was moved onto their property. I believe they said it was from '35! The mortar in between the logs is the original! There is also a wood burning stove inside. An entire family used to live in this one-room home. My kids got totally spoiled here- they were given orange and grape sodas in the old-style bottles. They thought it was a piece of heaven!

The wood burning stove

A closer look at the mortar- I love this look!

There was a pond off just to the side. Of course, my kids made themselves at home near it.

This horse was so sweet! The kids loved him.

OK... we all did.

They got to feed him sour apples!

"Are they gone yet????"

There's so much to see!!! Where should I go next???

Courtney loved petting the calves. They were SO sweet! Mrs. Wilma kept telling us, "They're just pets." And that's exactly how they acted! This one kept sucking on Ashi's toes as I was holding her! :)

Mimi introduces herself to the calves

These were amazing creatures. They are called "Jacobs Sheep." Here is some information about them: http://www.jacobsheep.com/jacobs.htm

They had 4 horns growing out of their heads! They can have up to 6!
Here are 2 babies that were SO CUTE!This little guy had just been born hours earlier. He still has his umbilical cord!!! What a cool place this is.

Courtney enjoys Ashi...

While Avery has fun with Aunt Amy!

Pawpaw leads Ashi and Courtney on a mule!
Avery stops for a pictureNow it's Emma's turn!Courtney, Emma and Avery having fun
Alex at the helm? This could get scary...
As a grand finale, the mule did his tricks for us! He was SO cute. Just after this, he was told, "go home!" and he just wandered right down the path to his barn... stopping to eat some grass along the way!Then, we visited Pawpaw's new property! Alex was in his element!!!Look closely... that's a baby turkey on top of that bail of hay!Beautiful.There is a creek running through the property as well. Is this GORGEOUS or what??The water was so crystal-clear...And the rocks were amazing! I found lots of really neat formations, and some "Indian money." Look at Pudge's awesome find!!! The kids just enjoyed being kids in this water! They romped, fished, got filthy and wet, found treasures, and fell down (on purpose). A time they won't soon forget!See Alex's fish?? We'll definitely be back soon!!
Thanks to Mimi and Pawpaw for an AWESOME time!
And to these incredible people for opening their home to us!


Amanda said...

Hey Anna! I was wondering where you had been...obviously traveling alot! Your sister looks great and so does your family. Where is this place that you had your reunion? Is it in Kingsport? Looks like you all had a great time!