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Monday, June 30, 2008

God Bless Our Troops!

We had something unbelievable happen to us this weekend.

First, let me set the scene: Dan's cousin Chad is an Officer in the Army. He has been deployed to Iraq, and leaves behind in KY an awesome wife Melissa, two wonderful teenage boys, and a sweet, sweet 10 year old girl. Upon hearing that he would be deployed, Melissa planned a 2-week long road trip. One of the destinations was to be Savannah. Ideally, I wanted to meet up with them in Savannah for a weekend, but our family had planned a trip to Nashville that would have made the Savannah trip impossible.
Soooo... we're in Nashville this past weekend, and I just decided to text Melissa to see how the trip was going. Guess what? At that VERY MOMENT, she was one exit away from our hotel, passing through NASHVILLE!!!!
We were able to meet for dinner, and we had an AWESOME time.
Here are all the kids together at Opry Mills.And here are Dan and I with Melissa.

Jake is quite the photographer. :)

Sorry Melissa, but I had to document your first experience with "fried pickles." They're my favorite!!!!!

Her opinion: "Good at first... but a little too 'pickelly' in the end!" :)Courtney and Cassie have not actually met before. But you would have thought these two were best buds!! Here we all are after a yummy dinner in Nashville!
God Bless You, Chad, Melissa and Family!!!!!!