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Monday, November 5, 2007

Our September Myrtle Beach Trip

OK, so I am WAYYYYYYY behind on blogging! My poor Court is feeling terribly sick, and Avery and Ashi just had 9 shots between the two of them (3 year and 1 year check-ups), so needless to say, we are down for the count! I thought I would use this time to play catch up!
In September, we took a couple of fun trips. First, Dan and the kids and I went to Charleston for some sight-seeing. Dan loves anything Civil War, so we spent the whole trip at Fort Sumter, and on ships, submarines and aircraft carriers!
After that, we drove straight to meet with MeMe and PawPaw at Myrtle Beach! They had rented a beach house (actually, Alex had a great time picking out the house online... and knowing MeMe and Pawpaw were footing the bill!). We haven't been there in years, but since it was off-season, it was not crowded, and it was LOTS of fun!The house backed up to the brackish water, and I believe for the first time in the kid's 9.5 year life, he might have actually gotten his fill of fishing!From inside the house, the view outback was mostly PawPaw's, Alex's and Dan's backs! Every now and then Alex would come find us and tell us how BIG (or tiny) the fish one of them caught was.Even my girls were catching fish left and right!The boy thought he was in paradise!!!Here is a shot of an electric eel Alex caught one night. PawPaw had also caught one before we got there.Ashi loved hanging out with MeMe and PawPaw!
The kids were ecstatic when MeMe (completely against my will!) bought everyone a candied apple. They mostly licked all the candy off the outside and left the apple!

Avery's sandy and dirty little face made her blue eyes glow even brighter!!!

Ahhhh... life at the beach.

OK, this picture of Court cracks me up... She LOVES chasing birds. But a second after I snapped these shots, the seagulls turned on her, and chased HER up the beach! She came running back to us with her hands over her head and screaming, "BLAHHHHHHHHHH!" That was definitely a high point of the beach trip!!!

Yep, he's a keeper.

Babies playing in the sand...

Here's my Court. Look at these eyes!!!!!
And the swimsuit says it all... Camo and pink. That's just like her personality!

Dan loves to bury everybody in the sand. Maybe it's some kind of deep rooted issue he has. :)
It's fun to watch the girls playing in the water. I think their feet are in the air more than they are on the ground... they're always running and jumping! I can't believe he's 9. This kid is HUGE (he wears a 7.5 MENS size shoe!) and he is SOOOOO sweet and intelligent!!

We went to Barefoot Landing a couple of nights for dinner. It was pretty breezy, so we were all bundled up!
Courtney loves her brother! He acts like it drives him crazy, but he really eats it up. These two are super-close.

Is there anything sweeter than baby feet in the sand? These are Avery's little "piggers," as we call them.

Ashi checks out the tide.

MeMe, Pawpaw and the kids collected sea creatures throughout the week, and their hotel was a baking dish during our stay! They were observed up close and personally throughout the week! Alex let them go in the brackish water behind the beach house the day we left. I'm sure they went back with lots of stories of being poked and prodded by little hands!!!

What a fun trip!!!


Nicole said...

Oh that reminds me of when I went to the beach with you and your family...it was SO fun!! I can't believe Alex is the same age as Davis and so much bigger....Davis only wears a size 2 (youth) in shoes and the poor kid only weighs 55 pounds!!!

Stephanie said...

Anna- you have to blog more often!
I love seeing your beautiful family. You are going to have to lock them all up bc they are all SO cute!