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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A few random pictures from September...

These are some random pictures from September that don't really fit in any category, so I decided I would just post them on their own~

OK, so Avery was hanging out in her sunglasses, and I just got my camera in time for this money shot...
And this is Ashlyn Belle sitting on the "Dora couch" and dancing to her Baby Einsteins video!

...and this one is not so cute. This big guy was about a 5-6 foot black snake that was hanging out beside our driveway. Dan spotted it struggling with a chipmunk, and called the kids to see. Alex and I went out to take a picture (by the way, that is the chipmunk you see him coiled around!), and he heard the camera flash, and he literally chased us back inside!!! We found out that we can run PRETTY FAST!!!