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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Courtney's Birthday!


We celebrated Courtney's birthday with a SURPRISE PARTY at our house with some of Courtney's very best friends! MeMe and PawPaw were there, and so were some Aunts and Uncles! She suspected NOTHING, and was completely shocked! She buried her head in my stomach for a minute, just because she didn't even know what to do!
Then, she ran around giving out hugs!

For one of the crafts, we painted pumpkins... The kids got filthy, and I probably didn't make many friends with the parents...

Courtney being goofy with one of her best buds Jerod...

Courtney and Jimmy... they were fast friends when we first moved to GA... when they were both about 3 months old!!!

Ashlyn was having a party of her own with PawPaw!

Here is our good buddy Dugan's WVU pumpkin... I should have known. But God must be a VOL, since He made pumpkins ORANGE!!! :)

The kids were super creative, and made some cute pumpkins!!

Courtney was getting ready to blow out the candles!!!

Don't forget to make a wish!!!

Mmmmmmm.... That's good cake!

I think they had even more fun jumping in our unraked leaves!!

Avery and Ashlyn Belle were having a great time too, with MeMe and PawPaw!

Avery was so excited that her buddy Kate came! These girls are two peas in a pod!

At some point, they snuck off to dress up like Alice in Wonderland and the Queen of Hearts! Dan was able to grab this picture of them.

Happy Birthday, Courtney!!!