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Monday, November 5, 2007

Ashlyn Belle's First Birthday!

September 14th was Ashlyn Belle's First Birthday!
The kids and I made her a cake! Everyone had a part in it...

Alex poured ingredients in the mixer.

Avery cracked her first egg!

Court enjoyed cracking eggs too (while still in her jammies!)... This is her specialty!

This is the cake before our icing and sprinkles were added!

She's so excited she can't stand it!!!!

This is Courtney's familiar waiting place while I am cooking! I must say, "Courtney, would you please stop climbing the walls?????" about 50 times a day!

And here it is just before we put her birthday candle on it! Careful... You could almost go into sugar shock just looking at it!!!!!

Daddy came home from work and wished Ashi a happy birthday!

Ashi and her "dolly-doll" anxiously await her birthday song and cake!

Ashlyn loved being the center of attention while everyone sang, "Happy Birthday" to her! She REALLY wanted to grab the candle!!

All the kids were celebrating Ashi's birthday (while she worked on her cake!)!

Courtney held the gift bag while Ashi opened her gift that the kids picked out...

Ashi shows off her new frog! I wish I could tell you the noise Ashi says that a frog makes, but there are no letters available to spell it! It's more of a mouth noise! It is SO FUNNY!!!!!
And here is la Pièce de résistance! Ashi had outgrown her other swing, so she got a new one! And she LOVES this one! It's almost over-stimulation even for me! :)

Grandpa Dave and Grandma Sue in MN sent birthday gifts for Avery and Ashlyn Belle at the same time (since Avi's 3rd birthday was just 11 days later!). Here is Avi talking about how cool her new Dora jammies are...

And here she is modeling them for us (Mosby loves to weasel his way in to our pictures)!


Nicole said...

I can't believe she is ONE already!!! I am very proud of you for updating your blog too!!! It makes me feel so old to see us all moms and doing stuff that we had done for us when we were kids... :(


Dawn said...

What a sweet, sweet birthday! Sorry everyone is so sick now.

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