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Saturday, July 28, 2007

In Tennessee!

We visited my Mom and Dad's house this weekend, and I thought I would share a few of pictures!!!! Dan, Avery, Ashlyn Belle and I drove there on Friday, because Mom and Dad had snagged Alex and Courtney the weekend before, and we went to visit and to pick them up. I missed those kids SO MUCH!!!!

Before we left, Ashi Belle got her toe nails painted for the first time!

Here is Avery in the car on the way to TN, hugging her MP3 player teddy. She can't wait to see everybody!

Ashlyn Belle cheesing it up for the camera...

We're here!! We're here!!!

Here are Mom and Dad, lounging on their screened-in porch, watching the kids "swim" in the hot tub!

If we aren't on the lake playing in all my Dad's "water toys," you will find the kids in the hot tub when we're visiting MeMe and PawPaw!

Avery might be part duck. She definitely floats like one, and she's only two!!!

Dan got in for the entertainment value!!!! Check out his juggling act!!! BTW, while he was doing this, I overheard Courtney asking him, "Dad, did you used to be in the circus??" His answer was, "Yes, that's where I met your Mom. She was the bearded lady. She just started shaving when she had you guys."


Ashlyn Belle LOVES hats. Especially when they belong to PawPaw or Daddy.

This is a contraption my Dad came up with to entertain Alex and Courtney last week, on the rainy days. It's a washer tied to string, which is connected to the ceiling. The kids had to swing it, and hook in onto a hook that he attached to a column in the basement. I don't know about the kids, but it entertained me for quite a while!

My Dad is Landscaper Extraordinairre! He recently transformed my backyard into a wonderful space!! This is my favorite tree at their house. It is a weeping cherry, but it has ivy growing all the way up the trunk. It's SO PRETTY!

This is the view of their back yard from their backporch.

And THIS is the put-put course he made for all the grandkids!! It has a windmill and the whole 9 yards!

Here is the ivy covered archway leading to his landscaped trails.

This is the Koi Pond. They added 2 more to the population while we were here!

Mosby even loves being here. Here he is playing peek-a-boo under the covers!!! This dog actually believes he is a person.

Alex and PawPaw took advantage of the rain break to go trout fishing! Alex is grabbing his lifejacket and making a run for it!!

Alex caught 3 rainbow trout!


Monster Truck Princess said...

I love this post. I cannot believe your dad's back yard! Crazy. And the bearded lady joke is hilarious.
It is so fun to be able to see your kids. I cannot believe your baby is 2. Time for another one!!