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Monday, July 2, 2007

Tennessee Weekend!

We spent a weekend in June in Tennessee with Mom and Dad! They just had their kitchen renovated (it looks incredible!), and Dan and I tiled the backsplash with tumbled marble for Fathers Day...
But the REAL highlights were MeMe and PawPaw, of course! The kids had a great time.
Here are two BIG Celebs, Avery and MeMe! If you click on the picture, you can see Avery's "moviestar" face, puckered lips and all! Be sure and scroll down to her crocs... princess buttons all over them! Who would have ever thought I would have a princess girl???
Poor PawPaw had to wear Princess glasses too! It's amazing what grandchildren can make you do!!! :)

This is Courtney in MeMe and PawPaw's room in the morning, glued to a cartoon...

Ashi Belle being cute...

...and Alex looking smug!

We even brought Mosby along, and clearly, he made himself at home! Thanks for a great weekend, MeMe and PawPaw! Love ya!