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Monday, June 25, 2007

We enjoyed a couple of hours in our neighborhood pool yesterday. My car registered at 110 degrees! It was a scorcher!!!
Alex and Avery were playing on the steps...

Avery was tooling around the shallow end!!

As usual, Dan became the playground for all the children within a 100 foot radius! I took pictures of my kids being thrown, but not everyone else's! :)
Courtney's turn... She got some serious air!!
... and Avery's turn. Not to be outdone, she had to be thrown too!
The kids took turns on a neighbor's battery-operated pool sea-doo! They never got over about .5 miles per hour, but they had fun! Alex just about maxed out the 80 pound weight limit!!
Dan waited in line at the water slide with Avery and Courtney...
Here are Dan and Avery coming out of the slide!!
Here's Courtney coming out... It's always a party with her!!!

Alex's slide... All legs and elbows here!!

Avery thought she was ready to go by herself this time... But she changed her mind!!!
Then, towards the end of the day, Dan was able to just push Avery at the top, and she would go alone!!!

I love this one!!! She must have been booking it!!!

Here she is swimming to Dan at the edge of the catch pool...

Dan was reaching for her at the edge. She was so proud of herself!!! ;)