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Thursday, July 5, 2007

Independance Day!!!

We had an interesting 4th of July! Ashlyn Belle and I spent the morning in the ER because she had a tummy bug, and had become dehydrated! By the later afternoon, she was doing much better, so she and I played it pretty low-key. Our neighbors always have a huge 4th of July party then an AMAZING fireworks spectacular! So we went over for the dinner, and to let the kids play...

then just sat next door in a driveway and watched the show with friends!!!

As you can see, Alex HAD to paint his hair red and blue...

So did Courtney and Avery...

and I'm sure if Ashlyn had her way, she would too! But she just wasn't her usual cheerful self!

We had some sparklers that the kids played with until the fireworks were over... Dan was the official sparkler lighter! Look what a multi-tasker he is!!!
Courtney made me an "M" in the air, for "Mom!"
This is how Ashlyn watched the fireworks; with me covering her ears! She liked the lights, but not the BOOM!

Avery was telling me how wonderful she thought the fireworks were, in her usual dramatic manner!

We had a GREAT time!