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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Five for Fighting! Review Only!

I had the great pleasure of reviewing the newest Five for Fighting album recently!

I LOVE this band, and I've literally never heard a song of theirs that I didn't fall in love with.

SLICE is no different! Each song on this album has it's own unique sound, and is incredibly well written! My kids all sing along already- and we've only had the album for a couple weeks!

Of all the songs on the album, if I had to pick my two favorites, they would be "Slice" and "Note to the Unknown Soldier." "Slice" is just an All-American, remember-when type of song. It's got an easy beat, and will stay in your head all day!

"Note to the Unknown Soldier" is a brilliantly written ballad that will have you in tears!!

Album Tracklisting:
1. Slice
2. Note To The Unknown Soldier
3. Tuesday
4. Chances -HERE is a video of John performing it on the Early Show
5. This Dance
6. Above The Timberline
7. Transfer
8. Hope
9. Story Of Your Life
10. Love Can't Change The Weather
11. Augie Nieto

You can follow John Ondrasik on Twitter HERE or connect to the Five for Fighting on Facebook HERE!
Thank you for One2One Network for including me in this review. I was sent the Slice CD free of charge. No other compensation was given for my review. The opinions expressed above are my own, and opinions may differ.