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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

SIRJJ Organics… AcaiBerry Facial Scrub- ENDED!

SIRJJ Organics!…. Review #2

As I mentioned in my AcaiBerry Facial Cleanser review, I have been on a bit of a health kick lately, and this week, I will be posting some of the items that have helped me feel healthier, more refreshed, rejuvenated, and more energized this week! Be sure to check back daily, as you can enter each contest multiple times!
In my quest for better health, I came across SIRJJ Organics. SIRJJ is pronounced like the word "Surge." The company was named for the founder's children - Samuel, Isaac, Rachel and James Johnson. How cute is that???

Today, I am reviewing the SECOND of FIVE SIRJJ Organics Products!

If you would love to take a first step into healthier living, or if you always have used all natural cleansing products, SIRJJ is for you!
You will find daily reviews on the following products this week (from the AcaiBerry by Wisdom series!):

Recap of SIRJJ product review in general:

Let me first say this- I am allergic to EVERYTHING. I always have to test skin care products on my arm to see if I will break out, before buying new items. I was slightly worried that I would swell up like a pufferfish after trying these organic products. But I was very pleasantly surprised when the AcaiBerry Cleansing Cream went on smooth, without irritation. I literally woke up the next morning with smoother skin! Please see my AcaiBerry Cleansing Cream review HERE.

I use all the big brands when it comes to skincare. Everything from home representative companies to Macy’s counter companies. There are a few facial scrubs on the market that I love. I admit, when I saw the AcaiBerry Facial Scrub in my trial kit, I was afraid I wouldn’t be a fan. I am very picky when it comes to scrubs. I like one that works, yet is not so harsh or scratchy that it hurts. I am also not a big fan of the foamy ones, because I use a foaming cleanser, and I don’t want to over-do the soapy products on my face.

The AcaiBerry Facial Scrub is a great combination, because it is gentle (not foamy or stripping), but the granules in the scrub do an excellent job exfoliating.

This is the ingredient list for the AcaiBerry Facial Scrub (notice, you can pronounce it all!):

  • Aloe Leaf Juice - Certified Organic
  • Coconut Oil - Certified Organic Virgin Unrefined
  • Olive Oil - Certified Organic Extra Virgin Cold Pressed/Unrefined
  • Safflower Oil - Certified Organic Expeller Pressed/Unrefined
  • Vegetable Glycerin - Kosher Certified
  • English Walnut Hulls
  • Citric Acid (Vitamin C) - USP
  • Lemon Peel - Certified Organic
  • Orange Zest Peel - Certified Organic
  • Salicylic Acid USP
  • L-Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C)
  • AcaiBerry - Certified Organic Freeze Dried
  • Acerola Berry - Freeze Dried
  • Green Tea - Certified Organic * *(crushed powder from tea leaves)
  • Rosehips - Certified Organic
  • Sodium Hydroxide - saponifying agent
  • Sorbitol - moisturizer
  • Emulsifying Wax NF
  • Soybean Protein - conditioner

The packaging for the all natural cleansers is not flashy, just like the product. It is earth-friendly, and functional.

I believe SIRJJ has done an amazing job of finding high-quality ingredients and materials that perform well. There is no bulk, no waste, and no over-kill in their products or their packaging.I am officially the latest fan of SIRJJ Organics!

Would you love to own a similar SIRJJ product of your own? Read the rules below and leave your comment, then come back daily to leave more comments on the reviews I will be posting for SIRJJ all the way through Saturday! The contests will all end on Tuesday, September 29th at 6pm.

To enter, please do any or all of the following:
1. Comment below, with your email address
2. Visit the SIRJJ Organics site by clicking HERE, and leave a comment telling me what you love the most!
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The winner will be chosen by random drawing on http://www.random.org/integers/ on Wednesday, September 30th at 6pm. Good luck!


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