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Let's Chat!

Vineyard Chats is a blog created by the owner of Vineyard Farms and Vineyard Real Estate Group. Here, you will find product reviews for local and international items, and ways to give in your community and across the globe!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Some recent pictures...

Puppy Love for Ashlyn!

Group hug from Ashi!

Alex caught a fish in the neighborhood pond!

Dan and I speak at Alex's graduation... He's SO big! :)

I put Mosby's bed up on the coffee table so I could polish the floors... and he jumped up there to sleep!

And Stonewall the Chihuahua takes a nap in a doll carrier! :)

Yummmmm! Ashi enjoys a Bruster's Icecream!

Avery looks either excited or cold... :)

We hope you enjoy your summer, too!!