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Friday, June 5, 2009

Faith Like a Child

The Bible tells us that we should have faith like a child. Have you ever really thought about what that would look like?

This morning, in considering my hectic and frustrating day yesterday, I thought long and hard about what having faith like a child would encompass.

Yesterday, I was trying to revive two computers that had crashed, I had lost a software disc that I paid a fortune for, and I was cleaning my house from a dog who had a stomach issue (I'll spare you the details, my friends...), all while navigating a stack of laundry taller than me and being a nurse to my second oldest, who has a 102 degree fever.

Many times throughout the day, my youngest two daughters would come to me and ask if I would hold them. At least a few times, I told them, "I will in just a minute...", but I would get distracted by some other project, and it wouldn't happen.

My girls would preoccupy themselves with eachother, a toy, a cartoon, or a drawing. Maybe an hour or so later, they would patiently come back and ask again. When I was able to put my work aside for a few moments, I would either hold them or sit with them. They would laugh and giggle, joke about silly things, play recklessly, hug and kiss me freely... always without a care in the world. They could have easily said, "I waited for you to hold me for a couple of hours, and all we're doing is sitting on the couch. Can't we do something more FUN??" But they didn't.

All they wanted was my time. The love that I have for them is all they desire. And even when they don't physically FEEL it (because I'm engrossed in a project, etc), they still know it's there, and they still know I haven't forgotten them. They have 100% trust in me that I will take care of them and love them, and they don't go out looking for someone or something else to sustain them.

This morning, in remembering the events of my day yesterday, I couldn't help but think- what if we lived our lives this way?

What if, when we asked God for something, we waited on HIS timing, instead of demanding things RIGHT NOW when we think we need it?

What if, when we were given the chance to love, we loved freely, openly, and without reservation?

What if we didn't have such high expectations in men, and enjoyed all the little treasures God gives us along the way?

What if we relied 100% on HIS love for us, knowing no one, and nothing else could fill our void?

What if, today, you focus on knowing He is there, wanting you also, instead of thinking God is some untouchable, unreachable and distant being?

Jeremiah 31:3 (New International Version)
3 The LORD appeared to us from afar, saying, "I have loved you with an everlasting love; I have drawn you with loving-kindness."


Michelle E said...

Hey, that's beautiful! So true. xx

Anonymous said...

I really like this...will copy to keep. Thanks!
Lisa O

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