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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Homeschool Supplement Review

I came across a product I really love, and wanted to share it with you!
I have 4 children in very different stages in Math, and in school in general! My daughter is focusing on memorization of multiplication and division facts, and my son can always use a brush up on them so he can answer faster. My 4 year old is learning addition and subtraction, along with the value of money. All 4 of my kids are learning states and capitols.
Can you believe I found a product that will help all of them with all of this?!?!You buy the hot dots pen for about $9, and then you buy each group of flashcards for $9-10 each. The pen talks and makes fun noises to let the child know if they have chosen the proper answer. My kids are all techies, and this turns the mundane task of studying flashcards into a technological treat!
To order, click here: