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Sunday, April 27, 2008

A Few Cute Spring Pictures...

Ashlyn Belle Avery

Homeschool Field Day!

The kids had a GREAT TIME at Homeschool Field Day! There were WAY too many cute pictures, so I didn't post them all. Here are a few of them...

Avery enjoyed a good game of Tug of War!Alex and friend Judson are in a Jump Rope Relay!Courtney bounces across the field!!Avery negotiates an obstacle course (versing Derek Jeter's nephew!)...

Avery taking the ball to the goal!

I wish I had this on video! This is Avery's version of the "Dizzy Bat Relay Race." They told her to run to the bat, hold on to the end, and spin in circles, so she slung it around HER in circles! Watch out everyone within a 15 foot radius!!! LOL!!

See Courtney in the background?? That's her in a dead sprint. She made quite a name for herself with her speed!!!

Ashi looks on in comfort...

My Mom and Ashi Celebrating... HOORAY for a GREAT DAY!!!

Luckily for me, MeMe was here to put the little ones to sleep (both at the same time... I've NEVER accomplished that!!!)! Thanks MOM!!! You're the BEST!

The Vaagen Kids Rocked the Science Fair!!

We just participated in a Homeschool Science Fair! We were nervous, because we had some really intense competition!! But the kids did AWESOME!!!! Here are some photos...
This is Avery working on her experiment, "How Strong is an Egg." She was the only 3 year old in the competition!!Courtney really enjoyed learning "What Makes Popcorn Pop"And Alex did a wonderful job studying "Salinity and Buoyancy!"Avery and Ashlyn waited patiently for the science fair to begin.They share lots of hugs!
Avery was pumped up to do her presentation! Here she is posing for a picture with her board.
She is explaining her project to the judges...Then, she went to give Courtney a hug for encouragement. Courtney was VERY nervous!!
Her board looked great! And she did an awesome job with her presentation!!
Alex was SOOOOO ready! Bring it on!! We couldn't believe what a great public speaker he is!

Avery got a 3rd place medal for her division!!! GooooOOOOO Avery! Courtney also got a 3rd place medal for her division!!!! Woo-HOO!!!!And Alex got 1st Place!!!! WOW!!!!!!!! Way to go guys! I'm SOOOOO PROUD!!!

It's Karate Graduation Day!

Alex and Courtney are graduating to their Advanced Green Belts. They aren't far away from their Black Belts now!!!Avi and Ashi wait patiently for the ceremony to begin. A Webkin helps pass the time...
Ashi gets a BIG HUG from Daddy! Lucky girl!!!
Alex is on the far right in the second row, and Courtney is on the far left in the second row.
Courtney is doing her blocks.

Alex and the boys demonstrate their kicks.

We're so proud of you guys!

They paused for a picture with one of their Instructors.

Alex's Big Day

Happy 10th Birthday Alex!!
It seems like only yesterday that he was a tiny little guy curled up on my chest to nap...
...and now, he's making a wish on his 10th Birthday cake! We forgot the candles, so he's wishing on a scented candle... LOL... it still counts. Right?!?!? :)
Courtney and Avery showing Alex's double digits!
We love you Alex! You're the best Big Brother and Son that we could ever ask for!

Fun Around the House

These are some fun pictures from one Saturday afternoon...
Avery in her superstar glasses...
Snuggly sisters!The dogs were playing in the basement- you can get an idea of their size difference in these pictures... It's hilarious to watch them play together!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Hey UT People...


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

WOW! I am so excited to be a part of this company!!!!
I was offered the opportunity of a lifetime, to get in on the ground floor of a company that is TEARING THINGS UP!!!! The company is called Ignite, Inc, and it is growing like you would not believe. The entire company is based upon the deregulation of gas! For years, you have paid large amounts of money to the gas company, right?? Well now, you can get paid every time someone pays their gas bill! By signing up with Ignite, you are becoming a rep for them. Your goal is to find 3 other reps that can also make the company grow, and show them how to each sign up 3 reps. By doing this and getting 10 gas customers to switch their existing gas over, you will earn SO MUCH money. I have friends who started this in the last month, and are already awaiting their $4,000 checks! This company was started in TX, and is already the 51 largest privately-owned company in TX!
My husband was part of the deregulation of telecom a few years back, and he had front-row tickets to how much money people can make through deregulation of everyday commodities!
Get in while it's hot, guys! Before too long, the market will be saturated, and you will be kicking yourself! I wish I had signed up a month ago, when I first heard of it!
Here is the link to sign up:
You can watch the presentation there, as well. Be sure to email me with questions!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

John 6:35

This is my little Avery (3 years old!) reciting John 6:35. I can't get enough of this!!!!

"Then Jesus said, 'I am the bread that gives life. Whoever comes to me will never be hungry. Whoever believes in me will never be thirsty.' " John 6:35