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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

WOW! I am so excited to be a part of this company!!!!
I was offered the opportunity of a lifetime, to get in on the ground floor of a company that is TEARING THINGS UP!!!! The company is called Ignite, Inc, and it is growing like you would not believe. The entire company is based upon the deregulation of gas! For years, you have paid large amounts of money to the gas company, right?? Well now, you can get paid every time someone pays their gas bill! By signing up with Ignite, you are becoming a rep for them. Your goal is to find 3 other reps that can also make the company grow, and show them how to each sign up 3 reps. By doing this and getting 10 gas customers to switch their existing gas over, you will earn SO MUCH money. I have friends who started this in the last month, and are already awaiting their $4,000 checks! This company was started in TX, and is already the 51 largest privately-owned company in TX!
My husband was part of the deregulation of telecom a few years back, and he had front-row tickets to how much money people can make through deregulation of everyday commodities!
Get in while it's hot, guys! Before too long, the market will be saturated, and you will be kicking yourself! I wish I had signed up a month ago, when I first heard of it!
Here is the link to sign up:
You can watch the presentation there, as well. Be sure to email me with questions!


insane said...

sounds like another amway scheme
converted to gas. then again you know all about enron and deregulation. Id be very carfull
altho you sound so excited I can just imagine the meeting you must of been to. most all of these 6 figure or more home business make about 3- 4 hundred a month and you have to attend each meeting ( to keep that excitment) but really, how many people can u sign up in a year my guess is 20 so let us know how it works out in 6 months
Jerry Vaagen, chicago
I dont think were related

insane said...

if your interested in the home business look at mona vie too
its another amway type deal but its a health drink.
for people who what to stay healthy monavie.com but Im against all that stuff and then there was some money makeing to store your computer data on an online drive at 30/mo. its amazing on how they all have the same formula to make money.
Jerry Vaagen
always remeber that the sun is 93 million miles away and it take about 8 minutes for the light of the sun to reach the earth

Anna said...

Seriously, it disturbs me that someone thinks it is funny to disguise themselves and post comments on my blog.
Anyway, for the rest of you that this post may have affected, I have never been to some crazy hype meeting to get me motivated to be a part of an amway-type organization... not exactly my cup of tea. However, this is by far the easiest money I have made.

Stephanie said...

You can erase his weird comments.