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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Homeschool Field Day!

The kids had a GREAT TIME at Homeschool Field Day! There were WAY too many cute pictures, so I didn't post them all. Here are a few of them...

Avery enjoyed a good game of Tug of War!Alex and friend Judson are in a Jump Rope Relay!Courtney bounces across the field!!Avery negotiates an obstacle course (versing Derek Jeter's nephew!)...

Avery taking the ball to the goal!

I wish I had this on video! This is Avery's version of the "Dizzy Bat Relay Race." They told her to run to the bat, hold on to the end, and spin in circles, so she slung it around HER in circles! Watch out everyone within a 15 foot radius!!! LOL!!

See Courtney in the background?? That's her in a dead sprint. She made quite a name for herself with her speed!!!

Ashi looks on in comfort...

My Mom and Ashi Celebrating... HOORAY for a GREAT DAY!!!

Luckily for me, MeMe was here to put the little ones to sleep (both at the same time... I've NEVER accomplished that!!!)! Thanks MOM!!! You're the BEST!


Amanda said...

Great pics, Anna...looks like the kids had a great time at Field Day! Remember those fun days for us at Colonial Heights??? Seems like so long ago! Tell the kids congrats on all the science fair awards and karate promotions!! Great Job!!