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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Alex's Big Day

Happy 10th Birthday Alex!!
It seems like only yesterday that he was a tiny little guy curled up on my chest to nap...
...and now, he's making a wish on his 10th Birthday cake! We forgot the candles, so he's wishing on a scented candle... LOL... it still counts. Right?!?!? :)
Courtney and Avery showing Alex's double digits!
We love you Alex! You're the best Big Brother and Son that we could ever ask for!


Nicole said...

I still remember that day you came to visit me when I lived in Colonial Hts. in an apartment. Davis was about 4 months old and Alex was maybe 8 or 10 months old! I still have those pictures. When we ever get our stuff out of storage I will have to do a blog post on that! LOL