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Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Vaagen Kids Rocked the Science Fair!!

We just participated in a Homeschool Science Fair! We were nervous, because we had some really intense competition!! But the kids did AWESOME!!!! Here are some photos...
This is Avery working on her experiment, "How Strong is an Egg." She was the only 3 year old in the competition!!Courtney really enjoyed learning "What Makes Popcorn Pop"And Alex did a wonderful job studying "Salinity and Buoyancy!"Avery and Ashlyn waited patiently for the science fair to begin.They share lots of hugs!
Avery was pumped up to do her presentation! Here she is posing for a picture with her board.
She is explaining her project to the judges...Then, she went to give Courtney a hug for encouragement. Courtney was VERY nervous!!
Her board looked great! And she did an awesome job with her presentation!!
Alex was SOOOOO ready! Bring it on!! We couldn't believe what a great public speaker he is!

Avery got a 3rd place medal for her division!!! GooooOOOOO Avery! Courtney also got a 3rd place medal for her division!!!! Woo-HOO!!!!And Alex got 1st Place!!!! WOW!!!!!!!! Way to go guys! I'm SOOOOO PROUD!!!


Stephanie said...

ok, this makes me want to cry because you are such a good homeschooling mom and I am not! I hope there was a step-by-step instruction manual to follow! Anna, that is amazing!

Anna said...

Steph! Yes you are. Don't be silly!! Like everything, it just takes some time to get settled in to. I know you can do it, Steph! XO