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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Ted Dekker's GREEN

If you have ever read a book by Ted Dekker, you know that he is the master of suspense!

I have never read a book by him that didn't captivate me.
Most recently, I was given Green to review by BookSneeze.
Green is the fourth book, called "book 0" in the Circle Trilogy.  It was meant to complete the circle.  The series is said to have no beginning, and no end. 

Although it is meant for a reader to be able to read Green without having read any of the other books, I found myself a bit confused upon reading it first.

The series of the books go as such:
Black, Red, White and Green

Despite my early confusion, I found Green to be a great read!
In the story, Earth was destroyed by an apocalypse.  But a couple thousand years into the future, Elyon recreated an Adam.  Good and Evil are not as we know them today.  People are able to see things that are currently unseen.
The story takes place in two different worlds, and involves time travel, as well.  A little bit of everything, and a little something for everyone!

I highly recommend this series.  It is a series that you will not put down until it is finished!

If you plan to start this series, I would recommend reading the first three books, then reading Green afterwards. 


patw said...

I have just finished the other three books and can't wait to get my hands on this one!

patw said...

Love this blog!