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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Gorilla Mobile for iPhone!!

Readers, I am smitten!!!
I have found my newest favorite toy!!
The Gorillamobile for 3G/3GS is a camera tripod that clips onto your phone, making an amazing device even more AMAZING!!!

The product comes with an iPhone case, a universal camera adaptor, removable adhesive clips, and the tripod with movable, bendable legs with grips on the bottom!
You simple put your iPhone into the case, attach the tripod, and you're ready to go! 

When this product arrived, I didn't take my phone out of it for the first week!
There are so many uses for this awesome product!!  Here are just a few things I used it for:

  1. To hold my phone while I viewed recipes on it and cooked

  2. I wrapped it around the passenger front handle bar in my car, so I could read my digital book, hands free!

  3. As the camera tripod, of course, which it was originally intended to be!  I downloaded the FREE GorillaCam App (I will touch on this later), and I love the quality of pictures I am able to take with it!

  4. When my kids and I watch YouTube videos for fun, I place the tripod in the middle of the table, and no one is fighting over their inability to see the screen!

  5. I wrapped it around the handlebar of my stroller, and used Google Maps to show me where the closest coffee house is, just like in this picture on the Gorilla Mobile site:

The GorillaCam iPhone App is absolutely amazing!  It is totally FREE, and adds this functionality to your iPhone: 
  • NEW 4X Digital Zoom lets you frame your shot exactly how you want it. Customize where your zoom bar is placed for the perfect feel.
  • NEW Anti-shake takes pictures when your phone is steady, helping you get blur-free photos.
  • Self-timer takes timed photos. Perfect for group shots and self-portraits. Works best with the help of the Gorillamobile for 3G/3GS.
  • Time-lapse takes multiple photos spaced at an interval. Take photos as fast as 1 second apart, or up to 2 minutes apart.
  • Unlimited rapid-fire takes up to 1.6 photos per second. Just press and hold the shutter to take as many photos as you want at super high speed.
  • Auto-save lets you keep shooting while your photos save in the background. No more waiting between shots. Snap away, uninterrupted.
  • 3-Shot burst takes three quick photographs with one tap. Never miss a second of the action. Plus, no more photos ruined when someone blinks! Press anywhere turns the whole screen into the shutter button.
  • Photograph yourself with ease! Grid overlay takes your photography to the next level. Create more interesting photographs using the rule of thirds in your composition. Also great for lining up horizons or buildings.
  • Bubble level takes steady, level shots every time. Works both vertically and horizontally. Great for shots of horizons, landscapes and more.
Download The GorillaCam App for FREE by clicking HERE!

The Gorilla Mobile for iPhone retails for $39.95, but one LUCKY reader of Mingle Over Mocha will WIN one!!


To enter, please do any or all of the following:

1. Comment below, with your email address
2. Visit the GorillaMobile site by clicking HERE, and leave a comment telling me what you love the most!
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The winner will be chosen by random drawing on http://www.random.org/integers/ on March 10th at 6pm. Good luck!

Thank you to Joby for donating the free Gorilla Mobile for my review. I was not compensated monetarily for this review, or for any reviews or giveaways on my blog site. All reviews are provided after I receive a free or donated product from the publisher, manufacturer, or PR company. Reviews are written from an unbiased point of view. Only business relationships exist with those who provide products for review. The Author of Mingle Over Mocha is not responsible for your difference in opinion or happiness with this product, or your safety when using this product.


Anonymous said...

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Maureen said...

This sounds like a fun little gadget.

Maureen said...

I like the features like the antishake as well as the rapid fire for taking several photos with out having to wait.

Maureen said...

I follow.

Maureen said...

I subscribe.

Rachel said...

I have the Gorilla Pod for my camera. It rocks! It will attach to ANYTHING!

ConnieFoggles said...

I recently downloaded the app because I'm using my iPod more often for photos since it's with me all the time.


ConnieFoggles said...

Visited the GorillaMobile site and like that you can take photos hands free. Even saw it hooked to fabric. Yes!


ConnieFoggles said...

Subscribed via email


ConnieFoggles said...

Following your blog via Google Followers


ConnieFoggles said...

Became Facebook fan of your blog


ConnieFoggles said...

Following you on Twitter and retweeted - RT@vaagen AMAZING new iPhone accessory- win one at http://www.mingleovermocha.com/2010/02/gorilla-mobile-for-iphone.html!!!

I'm @ConnieFoggles

ConnieFoggles said...

Following you on Twitter @ConnieFoggles and retweeted. Can't copy my tweet status because it's a retweet.


Anna said...

Congratulations to ConnieFoggles!! You have won the GorillaMobile!
Here are your random numbers:

13 Timestamp: 2010-03-11 13:46:31 UTC