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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Our ZEN Garden

We are doing a unit study on Japan.  One of the things we’ve learned about Japan is that stress is NOT a part of their culture!  They love relaxation, and stress free environments, such as their Zen Gardens.  We created one of our own, complete with egg people to enjoy it!  :)

This is kind of a gross picture, but it’s an important part of the creation of the egg people.

First, you take an egg from the refrigerator.  Then, you gently poke a hole in the top of it, and the bottom of it.  You blow through the top hole, and the egg guts pour out the bottom hole.  Gross, but necessary for this project.


This is what the blown-out egg looks like.


We poured sand into my turkey roasting pan (yeah, I know.  But it’s the only thing that was the right size).  We added a large fork to rake the sand, four candles to add the fire aspect, and we decorated our eggs to look like people enjoying the garden.  Alex’s is wearing a Karate Gui suit, of course.


We added a pretty bamboo plant to add the living aspect.


And here is the finished product!!!!