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Thursday, August 28, 2008

P.E. Homeschool Style

What a fun week we have had!!!!

I love so many things about homeschooling.... Not sending my kids off on the bus each morning to learn God-only-knows-what, teaching them the Truth & Gods Word, allowing them to learn at their own pace (and attempting to keep up with them!!!), watching their relationships with eachother grow stronger and stronger each day, and having genuine fun at home!!!

Sliding down the hill...

Taking a break...

This is a swing my Mom and Dad got my husband and I for our 11th anniversary!!! I love this so much. I hope to enjoy it for many, many more years to come... along with my awesome husband!!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Braves Game!!

Sunday, Dan's company treated us to their annual Braves game company party! We dined in the 755 Club, and we all had a blast!

Courtney... It's so much harder to slide when you're in his lap!!!One of the annual favorites is the Braves airbrush tatoo... Court has her turn... While Alex waits patiently!
Ashi was pretty sure the airbrush tool was a shot, so she wouln't get it on her arm! We had to get it on her leg instead...

Avery chose the cheerleader. She's certain that's what she wants to do, but her siblings are trying to convince her to do karate with them instead!This is Ashi's first experience with cotton candy... and the rest of them ate their weight in it!!!And they were sufficiently sticky afterwards!Daddy- you probably shouldn't stack up the kids...
Avery has fun with Alex
Braves are #1!
Brother and Sister having a ball!
Courtney sitting on Daddy's lap
You're getting closer Alex, you're only 586 feet from home plate, now!

Everyone was exhausted! What a peaceful ride home!!!

Grandpa Visits!

Grandpa Dave recently came from MN for a visit! It was great to see him- we usually only see him about once or twice a year!We decided to make a trip to the zoo!From our homeschool science study, the kids remember that the pink flamingos are pink, because of their diet! Grandpa gives Avery a boost! Um, Courtney, where are you going???
A hot Atlanta day at the zoo seems to have this effect on everyone...So we stopped for a picnic break!Posing with the gorilla... always a must!All my little birdies!

Ashi and big brother Alex make a trip through the naked mole rat tube... but they were fully clothed!
Big Sis Courtney helps Ashlyn Belle down the curvy slide!

Another must- a picture on the kimodo dragon! When we pass it, my kids just assume their position! :) We had a great time! Thanks for the visit, Grandpa Dave!

Around the House...

Tea time!
Courtney and Avery dressed themselves, then decided it was the perfect time of day for a tea party. Of course, they're big kids now, so there will be no "pretending to drink tea." They had to brew some green tea (complete with my Stevia, of course), and take it upstairs in a thermos.
Alex was happy to have some times to chill with his laptop.
And Stoney used the downtime to snuggle with Ashlyn during her nap.
Mosby wonders, "Isn't there ANYONE to play with me????"

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sleeping Arrangements...


Should I even call it sleeping? I use that term very loosely. I guess the story starts with the "family bed." It has always been easier for me to just allow the youngest to sleep in our bed, instead of running up and down the stairs all night long because one child cried and woke up all the rest.
That being said, Ashlyn Belle is almost 2 and, as much as I love that sweet little thing, it's time for her to get into her own room!!!
Here is a picture of what it is like to sleep with Ashlyn Belle (I'm usually the victim, but this time it was Avery!).

My Mom and Dad have a tradition of buying all the grandchildren their "big kid beds," and Ashi was no different. They purchased it for her when they visited last week, and we picked it up today.

Here are the girls in the car on the way home (I'm two kids lighter right now- Mom and Dad snagged Alex and Courtney for a 5-day trip to TN)!
I'm in the midst of painting Ashi's room, and assembling the bed. It was quite a bit of work to get all this in from the car, and hauled up the stairs!!! But, I'm too impatient to wait for Dan to get home... and I'm certain he won't mind my enthusiasm! I'll upload the pictures of the room before (as a nursery) and after (as a big girl room) when I'm finished!

Heard Around My House

Avery's version of "London Bridge is Falling Down:"

"The bridge I'm on is falling down, falling down, falling down.
The bridge I'm on is falling down, oh my goodness!"