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Monday, August 18, 2008

Braves Game!!

Sunday, Dan's company treated us to their annual Braves game company party! We dined in the 755 Club, and we all had a blast!

Courtney... It's so much harder to slide when you're in his lap!!!One of the annual favorites is the Braves airbrush tatoo... Court has her turn... While Alex waits patiently!
Ashi was pretty sure the airbrush tool was a shot, so she wouln't get it on her arm! We had to get it on her leg instead...

Avery chose the cheerleader. She's certain that's what she wants to do, but her siblings are trying to convince her to do karate with them instead!This is Ashi's first experience with cotton candy... and the rest of them ate their weight in it!!!And they were sufficiently sticky afterwards!Daddy- you probably shouldn't stack up the kids...
Avery has fun with Alex
Braves are #1!
Brother and Sister having a ball!
Courtney sitting on Daddy's lap
You're getting closer Alex, you're only 586 feet from home plate, now!

Everyone was exhausted! What a peaceful ride home!!!