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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sleeping Arrangements...


Should I even call it sleeping? I use that term very loosely. I guess the story starts with the "family bed." It has always been easier for me to just allow the youngest to sleep in our bed, instead of running up and down the stairs all night long because one child cried and woke up all the rest.
That being said, Ashlyn Belle is almost 2 and, as much as I love that sweet little thing, it's time for her to get into her own room!!!
Here is a picture of what it is like to sleep with Ashlyn Belle (I'm usually the victim, but this time it was Avery!).

My Mom and Dad have a tradition of buying all the grandchildren their "big kid beds," and Ashi was no different. They purchased it for her when they visited last week, and we picked it up today.

Here are the girls in the car on the way home (I'm two kids lighter right now- Mom and Dad snagged Alex and Courtney for a 5-day trip to TN)!
I'm in the midst of painting Ashi's room, and assembling the bed. It was quite a bit of work to get all this in from the car, and hauled up the stairs!!! But, I'm too impatient to wait for Dan to get home... and I'm certain he won't mind my enthusiasm! I'll upload the pictures of the room before (as a nursery) and after (as a big girl room) when I'm finished!


Nicole said...

I can SO relate to this post!!! Duffer still sleeps with Jett and he is 5 and then most times Davis wants to sleep with me. Rylee goes back and forth taking turns sleeping with Duffer or me. I so want to get them to all sleep on their own but even when they go to bed on their own they wake up and come back to our bed in the middle of the night!!!

The Osborne Family said...

I feel your pain! As we speak, Jeremy is in bed with 2 toddlers, two stuffed mice, a monkey and a pooh bear. I have escaped and find it more relaxing to sit at the computer rather than hang onto the bed for dear life. Tomorrow night we begin baby-boot camp again (they have been sleeping with us the past few nights because they were sick). There will be crying and pleadings for "Mommy's bed" but the sleepless nights must come to an end!