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Vineyard Chats is a blog created by the owner of Vineyard Farms and Vineyard Real Estate Group. Here, you will find product reviews for local and international items, and ways to give in your community and across the globe!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

We just got to visit with Dan's sisters and Mom for a few days! We haven't seen his mom in 2 years, so this was a big treat!
This is a picture of Ashlyn Belle meeting her Grandma Tate for the FIRST TIME!!!And we all got to visit with Liz's sweet baby, Xander! This is Xander's Aunt Misha holding him!

And the girls got a cute puppy dress up set from Aunt Liz and Uncle Caleb! Here's Ashi modeling it!Avery got to spend some time with her Grandma Tate. They really resemble eachother!

After a short, but fun visit, every one was crashed out!Even Stoney!
There was lots of love to go around!
Here's Uncle Dan scaring baby Xander...
And Avery giving him some love...
We had a great time! Let's do it again REALLY soon!!!!!