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Monday, March 17, 2008


Last night, for the first time ever, Avery slept in her own room BY HERSELF!!!!

My kids have always preferred having sleepovers with eachother, even though they each have their own room. Night before last, Avery woke us up 6 times... in one night!!! We were such zombies, we decided it was time to separate her from Courtney and see if she slept better. Courtney seemed happy enough to sleep solo, but when we told Avery she was sleeping alone in her room, her response was very "Avery." She said, "What??!?! But I'm just a TODDLER!!!"
In spite of just being "a toddler," she made it through the night in her room by herself!!! As a matter of fact, she still asleep in there as I am typing!

Another breakthrough for last night... Ashi Belle slept in a little bed on the floor beside our bed for 3 hours before climbing back in to her usual spot in between us! We may be making a turtle's progress, but we're getting there!!!
I'm so proud of them!!!