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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Atlanta Thrashers Game!!!

Last Friday, Dan's company treated us to tickets to the Atlanta Thrashers Hockey game! We had a blast!
We had GREAT seats!!! At one point, one of the Thrashers Dancers came and sat by us. She stayed long enough for a picture with the girls. Check out Avery's model face (with her cheeks sucked in!!!!)
Alex took in the game by Daddy.
Mommy and Avery

Ashi LOVES the camera!


We really enjoyed the hockey game!
But mostly, just beating each other with the noise maker sticks!!!


Nicole said...

Okay what I want to know is how on earth you get all of the kids ready?!? Especially with 3 of them being girls!!!! I do well to get all 3 of mine ready but the result is that we are NEVER anywhere on time!!!