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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Snow in GA!

Oh, Snowy Night!

On Wednesday, January 16th, it was SNOWING in Georgia!!!
Ashi had been asleep, and she woke up to her first SNOWFLAKES!

Avery had been napping as well, and she was THRILLED to see the snowflakes!

Ashi looks out the window to watch the snow

The 3 big kids are staring out the front door, contemplating whether or not enough will fall for them to play in!

Ashi is all bundled up to go out in the snow!

Courtney makes a snowball!

Alex was living it up!

This must have been half of the snow from our yard!

I love this picture of Avery watching the snow fall!

Vaagen kids and neighbor kids having a ball!

"What is this stuff falling from the sky????!!!!?!?!"

Mom and Ashi... I think she's getting sleepy. Stimulation overload.

So we came inside and ate dinner, then had some yummy strawberries and cream!!

...and Avery found the whisk...

Then we enjoyed the nice fire Daddy made,

and the kids (and Dan!) tried snow cream for the very first time!ALMOST everyone loved it! Here is Ashi with crazy hair, eating her snow cream.But Courtney decided she would rather gnaw on an actual snowball!Avery asked for seconds! What a FUN night!!!


Rachel said...

Lucky dogs! Our snow never came :(
I bet your kids LOVED playing in the snow!
Hope all is well and healthy!

Stephanie said...


Nicole said...

I'm with Steph...at least let us know you are still alive!!! 8-O

TheSipeFamily said...

Anna, I found your webiste via Rachel's website and too be perfectly honest I just found her's while looking at a friends blog. Anyway 4 kids!!! They are beautiful and so are you. I love your murals. We are looking for someone to paint in our son's room.My blog is topaljones.blogspot.com
So nice to see your family, TIffany Jones SIpe