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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Dan's project

The New Theatre

After Christmas, we went out and found a great deal on a huge TV. We brought it home, and Dan immediately went to work to transform what used to be our home gym into a home theatre! What a change, huh??? I am watching pounds hop right on to my thighs just by saying those words...

ANYWAY... he ran to Home Depot with plans in his head, and about 4 hours later, he has built stadium seating to hold the couch in the back of the room! He even made it into a storage unit to hold our blankets and board games!

The kids absolutely love this room, and we have already spent some seriously family time in here!

Unfortunately, Mosby loves the theatre too. He sits smack in the middle of the center couch, watching a movie. Dan said he didn't take into account having to look over a dog's head when he built the stadium seating platform!!
... But I have to have somewhere to exercise...

So then we cleaned out one of our basement storage areas and made it into the new gym. It's a work in progress, but I think it is coming together!

We had decided to take our house off the market before Christmas (we just love this area, and can't find another house that we like as much as this one!). Since he has built the theatre, if I ever re-listed the house, I think I would have to include Dan and at least some of the kids in the sale!

Come watch a movie with us soon!