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Vineyard Chats is a blog created by the owner of Vineyard Farms and Vineyard Real Estate Group. Here, you will find product reviews for local and international items, and ways to give in your community and across the globe!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Here are a couple new pictures from this week:

Alex was absolutely stoked that he was asked to teach the blocks to his karate class! He's up front in the low horse stance and the advanced purple belt! That's Courtney in the back with the long braid and the advanced purple belt!Avery in her music lesson with Mrs. Hedy
Mrs. Hedy gave Ashi a few things to make noise with while Courtney was in her violin lesson. I'll have to get pictures of Alex and Courtney in their lessons next week.Tiny Dancer.
Ashi is such a card. She was dancing through the isles of Home Depot!