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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My Birthday!

I had an amazing birthday! I turned 29... again.... on February 5th, and I was spoiled rotten! I awoke to the beautiful sounds of someone else unloading the dishwasher! The oldest 3 kids had gotten up before me, and were unloading the dishwasher as a surprise!

Then, we all got ready and went to the Avenues near our house. The kids all got a Webkin, and I bought myself 3 books and a flavored coffee from Borders! We came home, built a fire, and totally vegged out!!!!
I am reading my two new awesome books by Ayn Rand and also "Peace Like a River."

Avery and Stoney enjoyed some time on the computer...
Alex conned me into making us a pumpkin pie... His favorite!
And my wonderful husband brought us all some Red Lobster for dinner... It was too cold to go out to eat!
Notice who the last one at the table is... He is finishing off all the leftover food. ;)

My sweet husband also sent me some GORGEOUS flowers!!! With stems cut, I don't have to worry about keeping them from dying! :)