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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Thanks Grandpa Dave and Grandma Sue!

Today, a huge package came in the mail from Grandpa Dave and Grandma Sue, and it was Christmas presents for all the kids. Since we are planning to leave for TN tomorrow night, I let them go ahead and open them. It was like a big party at our house! They always know exactly what all the kids love...

Ashlyn Belle got a little dog that talks on command... She was amazed!

Avery got Cinderella dress up clothes... Her favorite!!!

Courtney got a scrapbooking kit, which is just WEIRD because we had just hauled all of my scrapbooking stuff up to my office so we can start using it again!! It has been in storage, and I was tired of not getting to use it. Courtney is SUCH an artist, she has really enjoyed playing with all of it, and I contemplated getting her a set of her own for Christmas!

Alex got another book in his "Dragonology" collection, which he finds fascinating... obviously! He began reading it immediately!

Avery imediately put the clothes on and ran around singing... "wash the dishes, do the laundry... Cinderelli... POOR CINDERELLI!"

And, true to tradition, the kids enjoyed the packing peanuts and boxes almost as much as the gifts!

For the life of me, I have no idea how all 4 of them fit in this box (although Court looks exhausted... maybe she stuffed everyone in!)! Thanks for the great gifts, Grandpa Dave and Grandma Sue!!


Stephanie said...

cute, anna! They are all beautiful and Alex is a total hunk.

Anna said...

Thanks Steph!!! When are we going to do a joint effort shopping trip in ATL????? Miss ya!