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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Inverted Tomato Planter

OK Guys, I'm going to try this... I'll let you know how it goes!!!

How to Build a Topsy-Turvy Tomato Planter
By Myra Smith, eHow Editor
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You will learn how to build a topsy-turvy tomato planter using items that you probably already have, such as plastic gallon jugs. Milk jugs will not be adequate, as they are not sturdy enough. A gallon vinegar jug or similar type is desired. Be certain that the original container was only used to store food-grade products.

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Difficulty: Moderately EasyInstructionsThings You'll Need:
Gallon jugs Nylon rope Drill Potting soil Box knife Plastic or metal washers with ½-inch opening
Step 1Cut the top off of a sturdy gallon jug, leaving as much height as possible. Use a box knife or shears.

Step 2Punch four holes around the top, evenly spaced approximately 1 inch from the top of the jug.

Step 3Drill or cut out an opening in the bottom of the jug approximately 2 to 3 inches in diameter.

Step 4Cut nylon rope (four equal pieces) approximately 3 feet long. At the top of the jug, thread each piece of nylon rope through each hole from the outside, and place a washer on the inside. Thread the rope through the washer, and tie a double knot on the inside. Repeat until all four pieces of rope are secured on the inside of the jug.

Step 5Place the root portion of your tomato plant up through the hole in the bottom of the jug. Gently add the potting soil around the roots, packing lightly to secure the plant. Continue to add potting soil until your container is filled. This is slightly awkward, because you have to hold the container in one hand while filling container with soil to avoid injury to the plant.

Step 6Tie the four pieces of rope by knotting the loose ends to form the hanger for the planter. Tie these with a double knot, pulling tightly.

Step 7Hang the planter, and water thoroughly. Add a water-soluble plant food (Miracle Grow or similar product) to the first watering and monthly thereafter to furnish the plant with adequate nutrients. Check the soil often; do not allow it to get too dry or plant growth will be stunted. A layer of peat moss can be added to control evaporation of moisture from the planter.

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Tips & Warnings
Check the soil often for dryness, and water when required. Do not over-water or the plant's roots will develop rot. If you place peat moss in the top of the planter, cut a plastic lid to fit on top of the container or the birds may try to nest there. The lid from a can of coffee will be adequate.Do not use jugs that have previously contained any poisonous products, such as windshield washer fluid.