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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Fun Bird Feeder

We really live in a great place. We are very close to the city and all it has to offer, yet our neighborhood borders the Chattahoochee River, and we often have wildlife roaming through our yard. Families of deer will cross the golf course and walk into our yard. As you can imagine, sometimes this will create quite a bit of commotion in the midst of 4 children and 2 loud dogs!!! Anyway, we decided to try to attract more of the gorgeous birds that hop around on our back porch each morning, so we constructed some of the birdhouses as seen on the Crafty Crow Blog. If you haven't read that blog, you should certainly check it out! Here we are with some of the projects...
First, we took two coat hangers, and straigtened out the bottom sections to create on large circle with one hanger left at the top. Then, we collected a TON of pinecones, and tied them on to the hangers with string. I was afraid the yellow would scare everything off. Alex thought it would attract certain wildlife. Maybe he was right, because this thing was picked clean within a couple of days!!!

Then, we slathered the pinecones with peanut butter. My 8 year old daughter Courtney was convinced we'd wake up to find 100 dead birds in our yard, keeled over from Salmonela. :). I'm pretty sure she might grow up to be a veggie burger. She's already become a vegetarian. Anyway... Then, we rubbed birdseed into the peanut butter and hung it up outside! The squirrels and birds are in constant competition to see who can rule the pinecone wreath! :)