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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Corn Maze!

We had a GREAT family time at the Uncle Shuck's Corn Maze!!! It was a GORGEOUS day to be outside!We went on the hayride!I love the naturescape!
Ashlyn Belle sat on a pumpkin to try to reserve it!

My CourtneyShe LOVED the pumpkins!
MMmmmmmm.... Sitting in a pumpkin patch, eating a cookie. Life IS good!

Then we navigated the maze! I'd still be in there if it weren't for my GPSes... Dan and Alex!

They give you a map of the trail, and you punch your card at each "station" you come to.

Gorgeous flowers in the corn!
Alex got caught!
Avery got to ride a pony! She was THRILLED.

There was a Republican and a Democrat side... guess which one we went on????? I wouldn't be seen on the DONKEY side! :)


john sullivan said...

Looks like fun!

Nicole said...

FUN!!! I think we are going tonight...can you believe we still haven't bought pumpkins this year????

House is going well...the seller agreed to fix all the minor improvements found in the home inspection so now just waiting on appraisal. Guess who lives across the street???? Christie Howe's big sister...remember Tonia???