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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Thanks for coming to the Vaagen Family Blog Page!

-NYC Trip-

March 21, 2007
I am excited to report that we made it from ATL to NYC LaGuardia Airport without any major catastrophes!! The closest we came to chaos was in ATL when the Airport security made us collapse the stroller the two babies had been in, take off everyone’s shoes and coats, and go through the metal detectors one at a time… Dan had to hold one baby while I held the other, and he sent the other kids through to me individually. This, while all the people behind us counted to themselves… “Yep, there are definitely four children with them!”

The plane ride was fun, and pretty uneventful, besides for my kids coughing their heads off, and the people around us leaning as far away as possible to avoid catching the inevitable. Oh, and Avery screaming “GO PLANE, GO!” at the top of her lungs just as people started to doze off. Here are some views from the plane window! In the first one, you can see Lady Liberty just behind the left end of the island...

The view of the clouds was beautiful!!

-Arrival day, NYC-
March 21, 2007
We are staying at the Doubletree on Lexington. Here is the view from our window.
The kids wanted to take a quick breather before we went exploring...

The first day in NYC, Dan had to work until about 7:30, so the kids and I hit the streets of New York! We went to the FAO Schwartz in Manhattan! It was about a 10 block walk from where we were, which ended up taking us about 15 minutes. It was SO much fun!!

Courtney! You can pick your toys, and you can pick your nose... but you can't pick your toys' nose!!!
They even got to play songs on the huge floor piano from the movie "Big!" I saw the price tag for this toy... $250,000!!! Kids, STEP CAREFULLY!!!!!
The candy shop was REALLY cool. It looked like something out of Willy Wonka!

This is how Avery did FAO... I wish I could shop this way!!

What an exhausting day!!!!!